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4 Sample of Nursing Diagnosis for Hypertension

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Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension
Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension

Signs and symptoms of hypertension, or high blood pressure as it is also known as, include blood pressure readings that are consistently more than 140/90. Pre-hypertension is present when your blood pressure readings are consistently between 120-139/80-89. Although this does not mean you have hypertension, it is a good indicator that you will most likely develop high blood pressure in the future.

Some of the symptoms of hypertension can include:
  • headaches
  • being tired all the time
  • blurred vision
  • nosebleeds
  • ringing in the ears
  • chest pain
  • irregular heartbeat
  • feeling of confusion off and on
  • heart failure

Hypertension can lead to a stroke, heart and kidney disease. While you should always consult with your own physician before trying any home remedies, including those in this article, your doctor can check your blood pressure and offer sound advice.

The recommendation from the Blood Pressure Association (the UK version of the American Heart Association) is the use of home blood pressure monitors. Monitoring pressure in the familiar and comfortable setting of a person's home minimizes the chances of a reading being influenced by stress and anxiety. Most modern blood pressure monitors are semi or fully automated and easy to use.

In the UK where the government offers universal health care the impact of over diagnoses and treatment is as much financial as it is medical. If a person is diagnosed as pre-hypertensive and also suffers from white coat hypertension, repeated trips to the doctor's office will simply exacerbate the problem and use up limited medical resources. In addition, any drug prescribed for the condition (usually a diuretic) is paid for by the NHS.

4 Sample of Nursing Diagnosis for Hypertension

1. Risk for Decreased Cardiac Output

2. Acute Pain

3. Ineffective Tissue perfusion

4. Knowledge Deficit

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