NCP Knowledge Deficit related to Cesarean Section

Nursing Care Plan for Cesarean Section

A Caesarean section is a surgical procedure in which one or more incisions are made through a mother's abdomen (laparotomy) and uterus (hysterotomy) to deliver one or more babies.

Nursing Diagnosis : Knowledge Deficit : regarding physiological changes, periods of recovery, self-care, and baby care needs related to misinterpretation, did not know the sources.

Expressing an understanding of the physiological changes, the needs of the individual, the results expected.
Activities / procedures that need to be done correctly and describes the reasons for the action.


1. Assess the client's readiness and motivation to learn. Help clients / partners in identifying needs.
Rational: the post-partum period can be a positive experience of education when given the opportunity to assist in the development / growth of the mother, malnutrition and competence.

2. Assess the physical state of the client. Plan appropriate groups or individuals after administration of drug or when the client feel comfortable and rest.
Rationale: Allows clients to concentrate more fully and receive counseling.

3. Pay attention to psychological status and response to cesarean birth and the role of motherhood.
Rationale: Anxiety related to the ability to care for themselves and their children, disappointment on the birth experience has a negative impact on learning ability and readiness of the client.

4. Review the need for self-care needs. Encourage participation in self-care if the client can afford.
Rationale: Facilitating autonomy. Help prevent infection and promote recovery.

5. Discuss appropriate exercise program, according to the provisions.
Rationale: progressive exercise program, usually can be started, if abdominal discomfort has diminished.

6. Identify signs / symptoms that require the attention of a health care provider.
Rationale: Evaluation intervene immediately to prevent / limit the development of complications.

7. Demonstrate the techniques of infant care. Observations re demonstration by the client / partner.
Rationale: Helping parents in mastering new tasks.

8. Discuss contraception plan. Give informant about the methods available methods, including advantages and disadvantages.
Rationale: The relationship is re-established as soon as possible when the client starts to feel comfortable and the recovery has progressed.

9. Provide or reinforce information related to post-partum follow-up examination.
Rationale: Evaluation of post-partum cesarean delivery, may be scheduled for the third week of the sixth week because of the increased risk of infection and slowing the recovery.

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