Risk for Infection and Acute Pain related to Measles

Measles is a serious infectious disease caused by a virus. The disease is characterized by the classic symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis or pink eye, and rash redness in the skin. If the baby's disease, the complications that can accompany diarrhea, lung infections, and acute inflammation of the brain. While mumps disease are identical to the swelling of the neck, which is caused by a virus. This disease is mostly found in almost all parts of the world.

1. Risk for infection related to infection of the host and agent.

Expected results:
  • Vulnerable children do not experience the disease.
  • Infection does not spread.
  • Child showed no evidence of complications such as infection and dehydration.

1. Identification of high-risk children.
Rationale: ensure children avoid exposure

2. Do a referral to a public health nurse if necessary.
Rationale: to ensure proper procedures at home.

3. Monitor temperature.
Rational: the increase in body temperature that is not expected to indicate the presence of infection.

4. Maintain good body hygiene.
Rational: to reduce the risk of secondary infection of the lesions.

5. Give a little water uptake but often child or favorite drink as well as delicate or soft foods.
Rationale: To ensure adequate hydration, a lot of children who suffered from anorexia during illness.

2. Acute pain related to skin lesions, malaise

Expected results:
Skin and mucous membranes clean and free from irritation.
Children show evidence of a minimum of discomfort.

1. Use cold dew vaporiser, gargle mouthwash, and lozenges.
Rational: to keep mucous membranes moist.

2. Clean the eye with physiological saline.
Rational: to eliminate secretions or leprosy

3. Keep the kids cool.
Rationale: because the air is too hot can increase itching.

4. Give a cool bath and lotions such as calamine give
Rational: to reduce itching.

5. Give analgesic, antipyretic and antipruritic according to the needs and conditions.
Rational: to reduce pain, lower body temperature, and reduce itching.

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